Kurt Boyd

Dear Reader,

I was born into a poor, uneducated family.  I remember when a single dollar was a lot of money, definitely way too much to waste on anything trivial.  Not being able to afford much else, I spent most of my childhood escaping into books.  From a very young age, I believed I would accomplish great things like the heroes I read about.  But my early education was extremely poor, and I struggled at everything.  I remember being furiously frustrated as I struggled to learn basic math.  I remember reading a few paragraphs in an old dusty green book in a small local library that clearly explained the concepts I was missing.  From that moment on, math made sense to me.

I’ll never forget that moment when a single idea made what was previously impossible suddenly easy.  A single idea changed everything for me.  After reading that old dusty book, I came to love math because it was so hard at first, and now I could do it.  It made me feel smart; it made me believe in myself.  I really was going to accomplish great things.

In that moment, I fell helplessly in love with learning.  I can think of no greater pleasure than discovering a new idea that opens my mind to new possibilities and changes my life.  I have now had a 25+ year love affair with Learning.  The purpose of this blog is to share with you all the ideas that have changed my life.  I want to help others like that dusty old green book in the library helped me.

Ideas are truly life changing.  Below are some of things that ideas have enabled me to achieve:

  • Valediction of my high school, age 18
    • I had to convince my councilor to let me enroll in the tough classes; an IQ test I took my freshmen year convinced the school I wasn’t smart enough.
  • National Merit Scholar, Full Academic Scholarship, age 18
    • The right ideas and determination beat IQ every time
  • BS Mechanical Engineering, 4.0 GPA, age 22
  • Recruited and hired by a Fortune 5 company, age 22
  • Purchased first home, age 22
  • First 6 figure year, age 26
  • Co-founded first business, age 29
  • MBA, 3.9 GPA, age 30
  • Ability to retire and live exclusively on passive income, age 32

Your life is not determined by the size or the power of your brain.  Your life is determined by the ideas and beliefs in your mind.  I sincerely hope the ideas shared in this blog help you as much as they have helped me.

Sincerely yours,

Kurt Boyd