I do personal coaching on a case by case basis.  The format is as follows:

Session 1: You write an email telling me about yourself, what you want to achieve, and what obstacles impede your progress.  We will schedule a 45 minute phone call to discuss your email.

Session 2: We will schedule this about a week later, so I have plenty of time to reflect and make an action plan specifically for you.  I will email you this plan, and we will schedule a 45 minute phone call to review, agree, and commit to it.

Session 3: You will keep a daily journal to record your progress.  After 2-3 weeks, send the journal to me.  We will schedule a final 45 minute phone call to review your progress, make necessary adjustments, and commit to a 3 months action plan.

By session 3, you will:

  • Be executing a solid plan
  • Be confident that you are making progress
  • Know that success is inevitable if you stay on track

You will become independent, powerful, confident, and capable.  Never accept coaching that increases your dependency.

Before contacting me, know that I am very selective, and the cost will be purposely high to drive away anyone with low commitment.