“Winning:” My Definition

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Winning has nothing to do with beating someone else. Winning is not anything external at all. It is an internal satisfaction measured within yourself and has nothing to do with other’s perceptions of your achievements. Success is giving your all. The purpose in life is not to get ahead of others but to get ahead of yourself, to break your own records, to work with more force than ever before. The traditional end–wealth or getting first place–only serves as a navigational tool, a marker to give the process direction. The end for me is greater depth and breadth of character. My aim is to become as internally knowledgeable and as externally aware as possible. The process, the experience, the struggle, the hard-won lessons, these are the ends in themselves.

I paraphrased this from Above All Else: The Everest Dream.

Growing up, I LOVED to read as a child.  I actually read too much; I would read 10-12 hours each day.  I loved reading stories about heroes accomplishing amazing feats in extremely difficult situations.  I imagined I was a hero in my own story that someone would read someday.  Heroes do great things.  They fight through impossible odds.  They never give up.  They never give in to pain, weakness, or fear.  Those stories inspired me and drove me to the success I have achieved.  Throughout the years, I have always tried to live up to the standards of my heroes.

Your life is your story.

Someday people will read your story. They will cry your tears. They will celebrate your triumphs.  When you are tired and down; when you think you cannot possibly go on, people are turning the pages hoping breathlessly that you will find the strength to keep going. You will succeed; you have to succeed because there is so much of your story left, and millions will be inspired by the time they finish the last page.

Inspiration is fundamental to achieving success.  If you are in need of an inspirational boost, I recommend Above All Else: The Everest Dream.


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